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MDI mixture, containing highly functional isocyanates. Functionality makes 2,6-2,7 

Application: The product is used in manufacture of rigid PU heat-insulating materials, paints, adhesives, structural foams, car face bars and interior decorative elements, highly elastic foams, artificial wood, etc.

Oligomeric MDI with medium functionality 2,6-2,7 

Physical and chemical properties:


Dark-brown liquid

Содержание NCO content, %

30,2 – 32,0

Dynamic viscosity, T=25°С, mPaПа∙c.p.

150 – 250

Density, Т=25°С, g/cm3

1,22 – 1,25

Hazard statements

Low toxicity level during inhalation and in case of skin exposure. Nevertheless PM-200 can cause eye, skin and body open areas’ irritation. During handling one should follow handling regulations on toxic substances, particularly during heating when polyisocyanate vapor pressure increases. Permissible concentration limit of polyisocyanate PM-200 in the air makes 0,2 mg/m3. 


Polyisocyanate PM-200 is chemically resistant, easily reactive with air moisture and forms insoluble carbamides and carbon dioxides due to which there is pressure in the sealed containers and as a result to product viscosity increase. That’s why containers should be absolutely dry with a nitrogen cushion.

Containers with PM-200 should be stored in well-ventilated places at temperature of 20 – 25°С. At low temperatures (lower 5°С) polyisocyanate РМ-200 is crystallized.

In case of crystallization polyisocyanate PM-200 should be warmed up till (T = 70 – 80°С) till complete melting. Upon cooling till operating temperature, it is ready for operation. Should the storage conditions be complied with, the product storage period makes 1 year. 


Steel 200-250 dm3 drums, net weight 250 kg. 

Technological recommendations:

·       One should warm up polyisocyanate PM-200 till operating temperature (Т = 70 – 80°С) according to the technological conditions for particular polyurethane manufacture.

·       One should definitely follow weight ratio of polyol (A) and polyisocyanate (B) components, given in the supporting documents to A component. 


Due to its unique composition structure PM-200 has very good spreadability and can be well mixed with a polyol.



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