Epoxy resin KER 828

Epoxy resin KER 828 is manufactured by Company KUMHO P&B Chemical Inc., Republic of Korea. Direct supplies. PACKAGE: 240 kg metal drums, other forms of package – as agreed. Epoxy resin KER 828 has a liquid physical form, viscous and has a slight odor. The product is inflammable and has good solubility in organic solvents. Has low solubility in water. APPLICATION: Epoxy resin KER 828 is applied as binding agent for manufacture of industrial flooring (self-leveling flooring, enamels, putties and primers), adhesives, polymeric-concrete compositions and potting mixtures. APPLICATIOM AREAS: civil and industrial engineering, machine-building industry, electrical and electronic industry (impregnating compound, cast moulding and sealing).


The product is inflammable but can support combustion. It doesn’t contain any solvents. In case of its application as a binding agent it provides very good strength of composite coatings. It has good solubility in organic solvents and poor in water. The product has a slight odor. Detailed technical data are given in the Material Safety Datasheet. PACKAGE: metal drums net weight being 240 kg. STORAGE: the product should be stored in a dry place at temperature of -30 to +30 0C. The package should be tightly sealed. The transportation, handling, operation and disposal of the product should be performed according to regulations established in the Russian Federation. All the required documents and certificates in relation to the product are provided in case of supply.



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