About us


LLC UnichemTrade is a complex supplier of raw materials and goods for manufacture of paintwork materials and constructional chemicals.

Over the years at the chemical trading market we have proved ourselves to be a reliable supplier of chemicals and relevant goods from leading foreign manufacturers for the production of paintwork materials, self-leveling flooring, polyurethanes, polyurea, anticorrosive and fire-protective coatings, road marking paint, concrete repairing compositions, adhesives, sealants, fiberglass fittings, etc. Our main range of products include:

  • epoxy resins;
  • polyether resins (polyols);
  • acrylic resins;
  • epoxy curing agents;
  • polyisocyanates;
  • filling agents;
  • additives;
  • pigments.

Today our clients and partners are many leading companies and plants of the Russian Federation.

We have been cooperating with large European, Chinese, Japanese, USA, Turkish and Korean manufacturing plants. Our foreign partners are such famous chemical companies as Alberdingk Boley GmbH, Asil Kimiya, Covestro International SA, Evonik Industries AG, Huntsman Holland BV, Kumho, Sibelco Specialty Minerals Europe, TRCI Company, Waker Chemie AG, LLC 3M and others.

Our purpose is complex and long-term systematic cooperation!

We are ready to provide our partners with the following:

  • continuous availability of chemical raw materials at the warehouses near the consumer’s location sites;
  • transportation logistics and chemicals’ storage;
  • minimal delivery terms and the best prices;
  • technical support in the Russian Federation together with our foreign partners;
  • corporate training workshops and training courses.